Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I wanted to share with you one of the final assignments from one of my SELF-TAUGHT students. Stephen Nedley went through the nine week course that was the un-critiqued version of the course I do. You can sign up at any time with this option. My next instructed class begins June 9th and there are ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT. Stephen watched the lessons each week at his own pace and had great results as you can see. He was given the assignment in week one to do his very best based on a description I had given and the week nine was to use his new found knowledge and redesign the same character. Right now there is $100 off that course until May 1oth. The course offers Great value to the serious student who wishes to improve their drawing skills. this is my goal for the course, to give you the right tools for you to grow and succeed. for more info visit schoolism