Wednesday, September 13, 2006

show # 7

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This Artcast is about being passionate and answering questions about the animation industry.
Please leave any suggestions you have for future topics.
Also my new book is available signed with a sketch at
Thanks for listening


Krishna Sadasivam said...

Great podcast, Stephen! I enjoyed your latest one on 'passion'. It's so true - passion and perseverance are very important in pursuing one's dreams. Keep up the fantastic work - your work continues to serve as an inspiration to me.

jert said...

once again great podcast, always an inspiration.... good advice from a true gent

Dave said...

Great topic - thanks so much for these Art Casts. I agree, these are very inspirational!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Great idea!

Love that Sketch Book cover, BTW!

A_Train said...

Hi, Steve, I've always loved your work, and was thrilled when Drawn informed me you had a podcast! I really enjoy your insight, especially this week about warming up and working in a studio environment.

Bobby Chiu said...

Awesome.... very inspiring as always

Druie said...

great podcasts, silver! I realized alot of my classmates don't know you have a podcasts, so I spreaded the word around to my buddies!

by the way, I love your sketchbook!! I'm amazed at how APPEALING it is! It's inspiring, and I carry your sketchbook around with me all the time as a source of motivation to get better at drawing good consistently.

Chad Myers said...

Hey man, I love your art style, love it! I dig the style you do use for Kim Possible, its my all time fav. I was wondering if you could give a fellow cartoonist some advise...any at all. (Besides the ol' "draw draw draw and practice practice...") I draw everyday, so no problems there at all. Do you know of any other cartoonists looking for other toonists to talk to and communicate with? I don't really have any professional contacts, and I'd like to establish a relationship with one to share ideas with and to inspire me. You can check out my work at my website, Lemme know what ya think, and thanks in advance!!
~Chad Myers

MadameGaston said...

Hello, I was wondering about some stuff, perhaps you could answer in your podcast.
About you being a self-taught artist and not going to school... was this a preference that you made, to teach yourself, or was there some other reason that you didn't go to art/animation school? (it says you went to private workshops, what were those like exactly?)
For an aspiring artist in the animation industry, going to animation school is a no brainer. Yet here you are, super talented and successful... I'm wondering whats the story behind that? What were any disadvantages that you faced and what were the advantages? Also, did you ever do animation?

Thanks alot, you're a huge inspiration and I look forward to the next podcast :)