Tuesday, May 06, 2008

show #11

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This Artcast is about not stressing out about your art and life in general and the book "A New Earth"
Thanks for listening
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David Bernal said...

Oh! so inspiring!!! LOOOoooove your podcast!!! :)

A.K.A L@nda said...

You've got the point Stephen, and as David wrote, it was pretty much a very inspiring podcast. Basically, everything comes down to live "the present", and kind of like looking at the bright side always, no matter what comes about. There is no way to turn up our noses at life just because of those lil' bad thingies that somehow makes life kinda hard. We gotta keep on moving on, and so we'll improve as human-beings and, like mostly of the peeps that stop by yur blog, better artists.
Cheers for that!

Art Sir said...

Hey Stephen awesome thanks for the podcast. I have been feelin down. And all the things you said I always knew but I just needed a reminder.


yay! another artcast!

Dan szilagyi said...

I argee with the posters so far steve, i always look forward to hearing your next artcast! such a big thanks to you for doing it when you have time!
I eagerly await the next one!


Patrick LaMontagne said...

Thanks for another great artcast, Stephen. I always looks forward to these and as usual, you didn't disappoint. My wife has that book and I believe I'm going to pick it up now and give it a read.

It was great meeting you in Calgary. Really enjoying the books I picked up. Looking forward to taking your course in the Fall.

Odon said...

Awesome Steve! I've listened to "Practicing the Power of Now" over and over, I need to get his other books. I'm always living in the future it seems. Or as Yoda said about Luke: "Always with this one the future..." Rock on!

cartoonretro said...

Hi Stephen
Nice to see you at the NYC con.
Another great podcast. "A New Earth" is one of my favorites.