Monday, June 16, 2008

show #12

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This Artcast is about getting your passion back for drawing.
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idragosani said...

Excellent advice and, as always, very inspirational!

Anna Kristina Porst said...

thanks for posting!
i totally agree, excellent advice

hey, i m really glad you re coming to hamburg/germany for an 'animation talk'
i m gonna be there! ^^
(i m so looking forward to this!)

xoxo, tina


oh dang! another one :)


counting the days until i see you at SDCC stephen :)

Bill said...

Just ran across your blog while visiting Tom Sito's site. You are an inspiring speaker and no doubt a great teacher. I'd like to link to you blog from mine. All the best.

Dan szilagyi said...

Always will be a fan of your artcasts Stephen, this one is no less awesome then the rest!
thank you so much for taking the time from your busy day to do this every once in a while, i think they are really helpful.
i can't wait to hear the next one!


Chris E. said...

This was some pretty good advice. My passion for cartooning has been dead for several months now and it isn't looking like it'll be coming back anytime soon. I'm having a hard time now figuring out what to do since my work has been turned down so many times by those who don't want styles like mine, because they want anime styles. In other words, cartoon style do not come off as expressive to them--Like they think they would even know what "expressive" means. So many years of people constantly needing and excessively whining over every stupid, little thing has dwindled my passion for cartooning into nothing, and I don't know what to do about it.

andre medina said...

love your work, great designs, rendering, and structure! I met you about 4 years ago, anyway it was a great presentation you had...

andre medina said...

I added some new designs!

Gemal said...

That was some real good advice for getting back into drawing it helped alot.