Monday, October 27, 2008

Artcast 14

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This Artcast is about the fear of having kids and raising them while being a full time artist. - Register today


Robb said...

Thanks for the post. It's definitely something I've wrestled with in my mind. To hear your thoughts on the issue really makes believe it's gonna be alright!! Really kind of you to share this information with everyone.

Althea Aseoche said...

Great podcast, Stephen, it's very nice to know how you balance out your personal life with your career and also how you teach your kids. It's awesome that your son's already earned some money!
Just a little note - I downloaded the podcast - for some reason it's 21.5 minutes (I think it starts all over again after it finishes.)

tinylittlesandra said...

Yeah, this is a serious thing to consider, and I’m grateful for your insight. I never really wanted kids myself, being very focused on my career. But recently my Landlord’s six-year-old daughter has taken to coming into my studio and drawing on my table. It’s really great to see their interest and amazement at how animation is done. It gives me a great sense of appreciation for my talent, and drives me on when I see the joy kids get out of it.



Caricature Girl said...

Stephen, it was a pleasure to meet you at the NCN convention and I really enjoyed your session.

I just listened to your "being a full time artist AND a parent" podcast. I enjoyed listening to your experience, you sound like a wonderful father. I just thought it might be important to point out that its a "father's" point of view from which you are speaking, (which of course makes sense since you are a father).
Personally I have found that as a full time artist and "mother" of three, there are a few more issues involved that you didn't address: finding good child care, dealing with the expectations and involvement required (ie. duty days and school involvement), managing a household, etc while being a full time artist. Society has very different expectations and definitions for "a good mother" vs "a good father".

cvxv said...

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