Friday, January 23, 2009


I read this on a website called, I think the author is Jennifer Angel, but I am not sure, and wanted to share it. nonetheless, I think it is great because I truly believe it.

The "word passion" conjures up all sorts of images and feelings.
If we determine what we are truly passionate about then life would be very simple, because it’s the passion that drives us.
It is passion that leads us to our being able to fulfill our goals.
Passion drives us to do what we love, to love what we do - and to love.
But how do we find this elusive passion that sets us into action?
Somewhere inside us we all have something that we really want to do in life; something that will drive us to the fulfillment and satisfaction that makes us fill the hours with enjoyment and energy.
What stops us from finding this driver? Sometimes it’s our lack of self confidence - the voice that asks; Do you really think YOU could achieve that?"
Personal fulfillment - personal greatness - is all about breaking through whatever barriers that prevent us being passionate. To succeed you must search deep inside of yourself and finding out what it really is you want to achieve in your life. It’s about being the greatest you can be.
Just because you have let your ambitions be subdued in the past doesn't mean that you don't still have those ambitions and passions. You can find them again - and find new ones, and even it if takes work it will be worth it.
Every day you have the chance to set out on a new mission, to discover or to revive a passion and start out on a new experience that you thought was only possible in long forgotten dreams.


mrGuz said...

I found the text very real and i think it really reflects well the meaning of passion and how important is to us to follow, though sometimes we don't. ... helped me greatly to clear some ideas.


Charles K. said...

That's a great post there Stephen. I've figured out what my passion is and I aim to achieve it, even if it will take a truly back-breaking effort and luck on my part to get there.

Cliff Roth said...

Ever consider writing a motivational book for the artist? Or just about anyone else, really.

I always love reading your blog and listening to your podcasts. Great stuff. I look forward to being able to afford your class in the near future.

Stephen Silver said...

I am actually working on a book right now that I know will be motivational to the artist. I feel there is a void out there amongst our community and I have experienced alot that I want to share, that is my passion.

Cliff Roth said...

That promises to be great. I know I have gotten a lot out of your blog and I am sure others have as well. I have taken up the practice of memory sketching though I am not very good at it as of yet.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

very true

Jennifer Angel said...

Hi there, yes this piece on passion was by me, Jennifer Angel, thanks Stephen and everyone for your comments, glad you enjoyed it, best wishes.

Stephen Silver said...

Jennifer, what an honor. Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece. I look forward to reading more.

phil said...

Thanks for sharing that,it's very refreshing and motivating.

PT said...

Thank you for posting this. It makes me reflect on what my passion is, what drives me to keep drawing,and what I Want for myself. It makes me realize what is the real hurtle preventing me from achieving these goals that i have set for myself. And most importantly, how to jump over this hurtle of self doubt.

Thank you


cvxv said...

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