Monday, March 22, 2010

Schoolism Students work

I just wrapped up another session of my character design course. what your seeing from my students is the design they did without instruction on the first week and then their last design they did on their final week. Great Job guys.The next session one begins April 5th. you can register by going here. schoolism

This class was awesome. I got to learn so many things that I know I wouldn't have been able to learn anywhere in Alaska. I'm going to start slowing down with my drawings and do more sketches from life. Character design is what I love to do and now I feel like I'll be able to draw the characters that have been locked up in my head because I was too scared to draw them before. Thanks for a great time Silver.

Without exaggeration, this has been one of the best classes I've ever taken in my life.
Thanks for sharing some of your trade secrets, which you earned through hard work over many years. These 'short-cuts' you've given me are an incredible boost.

Stephen Silver's Schoolism course on animation character design has blown away my ideas on what an online course can offer. Stephen uses videos to hand us the tools to improve our artwork with in-depth lessons and personal critiques that are hand drawn over our own assignments. We get to see where we've succeeded in applying his lessons, but more importantly where we've strayed so we can learn from our mistakes. I can't say that all of his lessons have sunk in yet, but I've already noticed an improvement in my artwork. And I have more confidence in my abilities too!
James Anderson.

During the nine weeks in Stephen's class I really learned to discipline my process in character development and design. Stephen has a palpable passion for this artform, and it is contagious. His encouragement to constantly practice our craft, explore different styles, and to keep studying were all keys to our improvment. He clearly breaks down his process without imposing his own drawing style on yours. From thumbnails to turnarounds to expression sheets, I really felt like my development process took a huge leap forward. I came away from the class with the message that it's all about passion, discipline, and practice.
Bobby Pontillas

As a professional designer, I started Stephen Silverís course with the idea of improve my character designing skills and learn how to success in the industry. And I absolutely arrive to that goal, and far beyond.
Iíve not only learned a lot about drawing and designing, but about how to face some usual artistís problems, frustrations, and blockings. I realized the importance of drawing daily, and how to do it in a successful way. This course gives fuel to my passion for drawing, and awake my desire for draw more and more.
Stephen is not only a great professional of the designing industry, but a great instructor. His lectures are fill of love for drawing and designing. He shares all his knowledge and talks about his own experience. The explanations are clear and filled with great information. You will want to watch it once and once again. Guaranteed.
Also, a very important thing for me is that when I had some problem with the assignements, or with the course, I could easily talk with my instructor and he solved them quickly and very kindly.
I absolutely recommend this course to everyone who wants to improve his designing skills, learn a lot about design and drawing and have a lot of fun.
jaume cullell

This course turned out to be everything I was hoping for, and more. Your experience and enthusiasm for what you do comes through, not only in your lessons but in the critiques as well. Not only have I seen the improvement in my own work, but I have caught myself saying things like ìWatch those tangents!î when I am doing critiques at work. You sir, were (and still are) my idle while I was going to art school. It has truly been my honor to have spent this pass nine weeks under your tutelage. And for that I thank you.
Steve Richardson


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Phil Willis said...

Just stunning to see the improvement in such a short amount of time.

Great work.