Tuesday, January 18, 2011

huge sale

I have recently been asked to be a part of this cool new site that offers crazy discounts, for a limited time. They are featuring my books and some prints for huge discounts. here is the info.
Deniath offers invitation-only access to exclusive, 72-hour flash sales for game enthusiasts and pop-culture fans at up to 70% off.
As a fan of Stephen Silver, you can receive a free invite code from Deniath. All you have to do is email community@deniath.com before Feb. 3rd and type, “silvertoons” in the subject line.


SIM-R said...

Steve - great catching up with you at the ctn expo . Yes - it was yonks ago and I'm really slow at saying thanks ...so cheers for the gift and I hope it's so too long until we catch up again .Until then - keep inspiring as always !

Cheers man .

Silver Price Live said...
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