Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to School sale is happening from today until tomorrow (Sunday) for $100 off of Self-Taught classes on This will be the last time that Schoolism will have a $100 discount.

How does "Self-Taught Classes" work? Self-Taught classes run for 100 days. Because Self-Taught is entirely independent study, upon purchase you will be able to start your class whenever you wish and ALL of the lectures will be available to you from day one. You can watch the lectures and the response videos to other students' work but you will have no feedback from the instructor. However, you will have the freedom to do the assignments in whatever order you'd like, and if you choose to submit assignments, your instructor will grade them but not provide a response video or written comments. If you hand in all of the assignments before the end of the class, you will still receive a final grade and a certificate of completion but you will obviously have no response videos to download and keep.


Michelle said...

Disney is in " COUNT"?
Is he also in " COUTE"?
How about " COMIA" and " CODEF"?
And then there is " COMET" and " CONNICAR" and
" CODESSE"...but maybe he prefers " JACHESCO" with
But then, if he prefers " CONIZ" with " COESSESSE "he just might like " CODESSE" and " SCOMPO".
And if that's the case, Disney must really like " FOCK WORMS" because we all know Edward Meese does.
And with " VIAND".

chibiwow said...

Looks really interesting. Self-taught classes would be a great opportunity to improve skills. :D wow account for sale

Angelo Libutti said...

thanks for sharing such lovely art and to be inspiring to soo many new and old artist like me...