Monday, February 11, 2013

Guys with Pencils Podcast

I wanted to share with you an intense podcast GUYS WITH PENCILS I did with a couple of great guys out of Canada, no need to watch, just listen while you work. Let me know your thoughts."
Its gotta be said and its gotta be spread" Thanks Silver


Michael White said...

Man I really appreciate all of your recent posts and videos, etc. I've been sharing it with every artist i know, young and old. For way too long I was the guy that people came to when they wanted something done cheap. I finally turned that around a couple of years ago and just started saying no. You've got a great voice and always inspire.

Joseph said...

Great interview with Adam and Andrew! I only wish it was longer!

Stevie Moore said...

This was an excellent discussion where you raise great topics and say the all the right stuff for young artists, any artists to hear. Thanks so much Mr. Silver and keep up the great work.