Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free book giveaway

I get lots of questions as to how to promote your art and get exposure so here is the answer. I wanted to share with you one of the simplest, easiest books that I have come across as far as what to do to promote yourself written by Gino Orlandi. What I would like to do is giveaway a free copy. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post telling me about what you are trying to achieve as an artist and put your website or blog URL and then I will pick one winner on Friday May 8th. Social networking sites are a major key to success when it comes to building a brand name for yourself in the online art community, getting more exposure and generating more income each month. If you want to make a great living as an artist you need to leverage
these sites to your advantage and really become active in the online art community!
"Sell Art Online".


DarylT said...

Wow thanks very much. What I am trying to achieve as a artist is to be an animator. I want to bring characters to life, to make them believable and memorable. I want to make audiences laugh and cry and really entertain them.

My blog url is and

Anyway thanks for the advice and the opportunity. And thanks for the help on my dissertation.

All the best.

tinylittlesandra said...

Thanks Stephen,

My aim in my career is to be the best that I can be. I want to surround myself with talented people and colleagues who inspire me and love what we do as much as I do. Its very hard to succeed in this business, and I feel sometimes, easy to get comfortable in a menial job, just making money, and forgetting your dreams. When I'm around those who have as much passion for animation as I do, its like a battery charge... makes me want to keep on going. So I would love to find myself in a company with incredibly talented people who aren't happy with just making a passable product.

Gianmichele Mariani said...

"The ability to draw is not born into an artist. The desire to draw is." (Richard Schmid, Alla Prima, Everything I know about paintin).

This quote is constantly in my mind. After 26 years of dancing I decided to life to all my thoughts and ideas.

Here's my website:

Thanks again,


Betsy Bauer said...
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Unknown said...

Sounds great. I have worked as a caricature artist for over 20 years. I'm looking to move past primarily doing live events and get me name out to connect with publishers. I want the right people to find me, or for me to find them. I'd love to find out how to get my foot in the door and let my work stand for itself.
Thanks, Rich

My Blog:
My website:

Betsy Bauer said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks a lot for this opportunity! What a great idea.

I hope to become a Visual Development artist when I finish school. I want to tell stories with my images while creating mood through color, composition, and acting with my characters. I find that I enjoy creating the look for animations rather than actually animating. When finished with school, I would be happy working in any aspect of VisDev--Environment Design, Prop Design, etc. However, I would ultimately like to work in character design at a major animation studio.

On the side of my Visual Development career, I hope to write children's books. Again... I love to tell stories!

In all... I just want to be creative, draw/paint, and hopefully make money while doing all of that!

My blog:

My current portfolio:

Again... Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Stephen, for your awesome blog and all of the inspiration and motivational messages.

I want to achieve, as an artist, my own unique identity, and be totally comfortable with what that is. I feel I am on the right path at the moment, which is quite exciting, as it's something I have struggled with for years. I think most artists do, it's that whole thing of finding who you are as an artist, which can be perceived as 'style', but I know it's more than that.

I want to create all of the little, and big, projects that I have in my mind, my sketchbooks, and scrap bits of paper. I want to be recognized for who I am and what I can contribute. I am interested in more than just one role, I don't want to be a person at a desk doing one specific job, I want to create more and be a part of it all, I want to have a say. I have all of this creative energy and determination that has been waiting patiently deep in side me for so many years, waiting for me to break through that wall of fear and doubt and to do something about it.

I feel that is happening now. I feel I am on the road to success, to my dreams, to the creative person I want to be and know that I am RIGHT now.

I want books, graphic novels, movies (particularly animated movies). I want to be a part of these processes and to share myself with all of these. I want people to know that that's my character, that's my story, that's my movie etc, just be the mere fact that I've had a part in it's creation.

Big ideas and big dreams, but why not!

Thanks again for all of your inspiration.

Kevin - my website - my comic - my sketch/ideas blog

guido salimbeni said...

Hi, What I'm trying to achieve as an artist is to express myself into my art trying to comunicate emotions to people and giving them an unexpected enjoyable moment. I would like to be paid for the time i'm spending on doing this and become a professional so that I can concentrate all myself in the learning process from the observation , through the thinking , to the creation and be less worry about the bills.

Aoife said...

Hi Stephen, what a generous offer;-)
I'm a full time degree student in Dublin Ireland. One more year left.I previously studied classical animation but when i came out into the 'real world' there seemed to be no jobs about. i got stuck in office jobs. but i have turned it around and returned to the thing i love. my dream now is to work only in the art world. In the past year or two I have really got into flash animation. I want to push the program to be as fluid as possible and look more like classical help dispel the belief held by a lot of my peers that flash is cheap and limited.
I really want to push myself further in different aspects of art to. i intend to illustrate a book this summer and do a series of paintings.
you can check out my current college work at..


Joanna Davidovich said...

A free book *and* validation from Stephen Silver? How can I resist!

I've planned my career in two stages: the first stage is all about learning and honing my skills in illustration, animation, and storytelling. Ever since I learned to extrude a flamingo with sunglasses from a number "2" I've had a knack for drawing cartoons. Along with this knack came a persistent paranoia that I should be better at it than I am, so every day I draw for hours. Who was it that said we each have 300,000 bad drawings in us and we'll be better off when we get them all out? I can't remember, but I'm sure they would approve of my quantity, if not my quality.

Once I'm skilled to a relatively adequate degree, then I'll be confident enough to embark on the second stage of my career. I want to make films with substance. I care about characterization and story-telling, but even more so for the kind of characters and the kind of stories. I'm the odd duck in that I don't enjoy much entertainment created after the late 1960s. Oh I do enjoy some things (Pixar films spring to mind) but for the most part today so much media is cynical and sarcastic and just seems to sigh "life sucks, but what can you do?" I respond to TCM-style entertainment because there was a different, more beautiful sense of life back in the first half of the 20th century. Most people today will see an old 1940s musical and call it corny- I watch an old musical and I feel overwhelmed with the happiness of just being alive. To sum up an already too long explanation, I want to capture that feeling of joy and creativity and package it attractively so other people can feel it too. As I type this all out, it sounds really childish, but I just don't know any other way to write it.

Since I got out of school, I've been doing character design, commercial animation, acting, singing, watching, reading- anything to make myself as good as possible so I can make those damn films. I'm unemployed right now, but busy making a fun little music video on my own. You can see my work here:

BLOG (for current stuff): (for neatly packaged if slightly outdated stuff):

Barry said...

Awesome idea Stephen!

My goal at present is to spend as much time as possible outside of my day job creating fun and interesting illustrations with a lot of character. Beyond that I intend on developing these character ideas into full fledged products like prints, books, comics, and maybe even toys.

You can view my work here:

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Ashley said...

I'm at the very start of my artistic career. I've been in the arts for all of my life but only a few weeks ago did I decide that I'm gonna make a name for myself ideally before I graduate college.

My goal right now is to be the best I can be. I know that I'm still in the dark about multiple things but I'm giving myself a light as often as I can.

One day I wish to be able to have a big enough name for myself and put out art that touches people, makes people think and teaches people that they should stand for what they believe in. I want to make money with my art but my main focus is reaching out to people more than anything

Thanks for this great opportunity, here's my current site:

I have a blogspot but it's not in full works just yet:

Brad said...

I would like to correct a mistake that I made 10 years ago. I quit. I gave up drawing because I didn't believe in myself and I was doing my art for all the wrong reasons. I used to think that I had to produce art just so I could make money, I know now that producing my art is a passion and something inside me that I can't just turn off.

I am going to illustrate children's books. It might not happen in the next week or next year but it will happen. I have no doubt, and honestly nothing will stop me. With or without that book.

Here is my flickr site:
and here is my blog:

Bill Robinson said...

Hey Steven, I'm gonna try to keep this short. I'm a designer and animator working in casual games, but hoping to get into visual development or character design for feature films. I'm inspired by old kids books, old Disney films, people watching, traveling, etc. My work is below, thanks for taking a look!

Current blog:

Vis Dev portfolio:

Joey Lee said...

Thanks Stephen. You are one in a million.

I'm a 30 year old guy with a useless degree in economics, who happens to love to draw. My dream is to break into the animation industry one day, doing character design. I also want to publish my own comic. The amount of talent out there makes me feel really small, but i realize life is short, and i just want to go out knowing i gave it my best. Hopefully i'll inspire a few people along the way.

My blog

Joy Steuerwald said...

Hi Stephen,

First, thank you for such a generous offer. You always are so inspiring and never hesitate to help others and encourage them.

Well, I need inspiration right now. The funny thing is that I find my self in this exact situation, needing guidance and direction in how to promote myself. I'm trying to be a freelance artist and illustrator and tend to be all over the place as far as my focus. I've been doing anything from graphic design to painting pet portraits to bring in money. My real passion is for illustrating children's books. I don't know what's holding me back. I want to be out there, published and creating images that communicate; make people happy, even teach something.

Please feel free to peruse my website


Gerry Stankiewicz said...

Thanks Stephen for putting your time into this blog, I definitely get a lot from it and appreciate what you do as an artist,

As an artist, i would like to do character design someday and animate my characters. I like to make people laugh and character design seems to be my own personal way in expressing myself. I am constantly and persistently trying to better my technical skills particularly in figure drawing and drawing faces. Character construction has been my main focus in the past few months.

My Blog is

My Portfolio is

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Thanks for this Opportunity. Hey a free book and way for people to see your work also, two birds with one stone! Where I wanna be as an artist? now and in the future is flat out Directing Film, just taking that lead position. I like to achieve high goals, that way im always striving to get there. Id like a stab at character designing, storyboarding, I love Animation, environment designing, my own studio, my NAME in the big screen...and yet, I wanna keep a simple eye, i dont even know how thats gonna match, but it will. :) ...Draw all day, till my hands falls off. Ive heard when one is sleeping others are working, so im going to give it my all. But For me its all about happiness, am I dedicating time for my family? cause art really is about life, how you view life, and the experiences you have been through they shows through your work. Nevertheless Art will never leave me, for it is bonded. Lets see If I win, its worth a shot. Alright Silver thanks again for the opportunity. BTW expect me in your schoolism class soon.



Unknown said...

Thanks Stephen,
As an artist, I always strive to find better techniques. Better line work, better shapes, better color, better anatomy, whatever it is I am working on I am trying to learn or experiment something new.
I currently have completed a goal of mine, and that was to become a professional Character Designer. I work for a video game company. My next two goals are to create characters for animation , and then ultimately work from home.

Thanks for all of the past help you have unknowingly given me. I always look forward to your posts.


xenos said...

I work as a freelance illustrator now, but am always looking for more. Ideally, I would be happy to have a published children's book or even a toy line, but would be content with a character design gig.

As an artist, I just want to be able to create art at home and be able to enjoy my family while i can.

Thanks for reading!


Steve Thomason said...

Thanks Steve,

Don't know if you remember me, but you used to come and hang out at my caricature booth at the Excalibur in the early 90's.

With Spot Studios, I am trying to use the gifts of art and creativity that I have been given to provide for my family, produce quality products for my clients, and bring a little light and hope to everyone I meet.

I really enjoy your insights and your generosity.

my website is my blog is again,
Steve Thomason

quickmind said...

Right now, I've got a degree in Sequential Art, and I'm trying to promote myself online. There are many things I would love to do, but ultimately, my goal is to be a published comic artist. I want to start a company that tells wonderful stories in the comic medium, regardless of genre or style, with the ultimate goal of opening up comics to more and more people.

I am also a pastel artist and I would like to learn how to market my pastel work to galleries, corporate collections, etc.

I also have a great idea for unique wedding posters, but don't really know how to market those either and I would love to be able to network with planners, or people who are looking for a unique and creative image for their wedding.

My blog is here:

This is a great opportunity, thank you very much.

P. Hos said...

What an interesting idea. I enjoy writing almost as much as I enjoy creating art, and I think it all has to do with a primal urge for me to share the things in my brain with other people, in the way that most accurately represents how I think them. If I'm worried about polar bears, I could write a dissertation about it, but who reads these day (besides me)? Coming up with some sort of visual metaphor for my thoughts is one of the most satisfying things I can do as an artist, the most satisfying being when people respond to it. Negatively or positively, I do enjoy a reaction.


Art is magic. Thanks for the fun times.

Paul Hostetler

James E. Daniels said...

Thanks very much for the chance Stephen,

I would like to start a career as a cartoonist/ character designer/ animator.
I've been sketching and drawing cartoons for many years, but have not done anything with my talents. I took 5 years of college (graphic design, digital multimedia) but cannot find anything that nurtures my cartooning needs.
I am going to try to start my own web-comic series featuring various characters but would really like more exposure as a cartoonist-for-hire.
My blog url is

Thanks again for the opportunity!
James Daniels

Osc@r Orozco said...

hello stephen,

Im trying to become better at my artwork on a day to day basis, my first step was to take your course i've achieved that as my first step, now i just have to keep pushing forward to be the best artist i can be.

Guolfo said...

I'm a graphic designer, but I love to draw! I'd like to see something to be published... but in the meanwhile I try to do my best to improve my stile!

My url is

Thanks and bye!


Marissa Krupen said...

Hey Stephen!

I love following your blog!!!
Don't have enough cash saved up for your class yet but working on it... :)

My goal is to one day break into the animation industry. I have always loved art, and have been drawing since I could pick up a pen... but I don't go to art school. I'm trying desperately to teach myself on the side and create my "own" major at an Ivy League school that doesn't really focus on art. As an artist, I know I will never ever be satisfied with what I achieve... but I do enjoy the challenge. For now the goal is a job in the animation industry, though I have not decided yet if it would be as a digital painter, modeler, etc. In the future... I just hope for the chances to take classes and keep growing as an artist, but who knows?

I love your work and some day hope to be able to develop characters half as good as you! If you have any tips on classes or tutorial sites, etc. please let me know!

My art blog is:


Anonymous said...

hello stephen.this is the best oppurtunity i ever recived.i am one of the big fan of yours.i know you never get any training from any art collages...just its your imagination.
like you me on the same track.i have no financial is always my passion,dedication..i give up my finance job to come in this field and yes i'm happy ,very much happy practising and practising.getting good results too.

i know all your story how you rise,came up in the field of art,work for warner are my inspiration and for others.

i came in this field because i want fame,when people see my work than the word say "WOW" thats the feedback i always want to recieve till my hands are working.i love to draw charcters.

my dream is to give a car to my mom and dad so wish me i can achieve the know my cv first line is yours.
all the best to you stepen and your there always..someone is follow you and your work.bless you.

my blog:

Yash said...

i am almost never lucky enough to win anything. But here goes.

My aim as an artist is to create something that makes people smile. I want my art to make people happy. And I am happy to see other people happy.

My website is

Althea Aseoche said...

As an artist I'd love to keep waking up every morning looking forward to work. I love the thrill I get every time someone asks me what I do for a living. (I draw all day, of course!) I take pleasure in the delight that I know that I am on the right path of where I want to be - a very good artist.

I want to learn as many skills as I can to improve and to be versatile in the creative process. Write, conceptualise, design, storyboard, animate, direct - I want to do it all and be part of phenomenal one-of-a-kind projects... you know, the projects that start trends and set new benchmarks.

I'd love to see 2D traditional animation make a giant come back - AND to be able to say I was partially responsible for it! I want to see animation reach more people, a wider audience. I wish to see in my lifetime the Western animation industry embrace animation as a medium of storytelling that transcends all ages and genders and accept that it is not just something for kids.

I want to inspire people through stories and inspire them to tell their own stories. I want people to learn a little something from me.

Jaume Cullell said...

Hi Stephen!

Thanks for this chance!

What I want to achieve as artist is to share my inner world with all the people. I feel that I have so many things to tell...
For that, day after day, I try to improve my skills as cartoonist, in a way that I can truly show what in my drawings.

Here comes my blog:

Thanks a lot!


theresa said...

Wow, everyone else has great answers. I'd say mine would be similar to Betsy Bauer- vis dev, illustration, maybe some editorial stuff on the side. This summer I'm going to build a kickass portfolio to send off to studios. If I get in, fantastic. if I don't- it simply means I need to work harder and improve my portfolio. 'It's easy to get a good job. It's hard to build a portfolio worthy of it.' I don't know who said that- but these are words of wisdom. I can always use it as an excuse to go to an atelier as well, lol.

Right now I'm the Arts editor of the Trinity College Dublin newspaper which is great fun as it means I get to see what's out there and expand my artistic horizons. Mostly though- if I can make other peoples' lives better with my art, that would be my ultimate aim.


P.S- Free book? I'm a student...starving, crust of bread in my turret, you know how it is. Pick me! Pick me! :)

Marc Poulin said...

Hi Stephen, this is a great thing you're doing.

What I am trying to achieve as a artist is the means to do what I love to do, and make a living from it. I never thought I could use my talent for anything other than a hobby, and therefore have worked as everything under the sun, and hated every second of it. When I saw that people can make a living doing caricatures, a new spark ignited inside, and I know now what path my life will take.

My blog is

Tooninator said...

wow, so great to read everyone's different goals for their art and life.

I never want to settle into what I'm comfortable with.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

HARRINGTOONs Patrick Harrington said...

Hey Steve, man!
Killer offer, buddy!
What I want to do with my art at this point is get some more publication work, looking for magazine/ comic book work. I'm also very interested in character design. I just started some flash animation too, which is prettty cool...
CYA at the Con?!!

My blog:

SNeelyArt said...

Amazing how many people turn out for something with the word FREE in it. Haha. I already have all Steve's books so I'm out. Haha

Althea Aseoche said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Althea Aseoche said...

Still though Scott, I think best thing about this is to be able to say what your goals are and write them all down. =) And besides, Stephen said it's not his book that he wants to give away.

I've stalked all the blogs here I think... some amazing work, guys!

I've learned I'm still the big ambitious dreamer I was 3 years ago. I like reading what everyone's written and for that reason I'd like to thank Stephen.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Long time listener, first time caller. Um, except with text and... Anyways, I'm aiming for modeler, preferably character artist. My ultimate goal is to get into concept art, I would love to do maquettes. I always aim for improvement, that is, I aim for ridiculously overachieving goals and try to do my best to meet them. This way when I don't quite meet my own established goals, I have done way more than I would have normally. It's like setting you watch 15 minutes fast so you are always early.. kinda. I chose this career path because it is what I love to do, I think that's most important, more than cash. If I'm having fun at work, and my work is also my hobby, how can I ever not be happy?

Super-Duper-Ultimate goal though, is to do all the cool projects I have waiting on the sidelines.

I'm not really posting to nab the book, it's just I really liked everyone elses responses and felt like I should finally comment too. Also, I'm always trying to get more comments and critique on my current stuff.

Dylan said...

My goal is to produce films which inspire conciousness. What I mean by that is awakening to one's true being/purpose and dissolving the ego, as well as promoting awareness to the state of our (though its not really OURS) planet. I think the two go hand in hand, and if people get the former they're more likely to be inspired about the latter.


Dylan said...

forgot to post my blog link!
my blog

Chris G. said...

Hello, Stephen. We met recently at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

I have always been creative. I enjoyed drawing very much when I was a youth, but somehow as I got older I never took my passion as far as I wanted. The pressure to get a "real job" was always there in front of me. Over the years I mixed non-art jobs with a few art-related jobs. Unfortunately, not all these art-related jobs required drawing skills. As a consequence, my confidence in my own abilities waned. I became discouraged and I pretty much gave up trying to improve myself.

However, my current job requires a lot of different artistic disciplines, including some drawing. It's here that my basic love of drawing has been re-awakened. I find myself looking at options to improve my skills that I haven't considered in a long time. I can feel the passion and desire returning.

At this point, what I'm trying to achieve as an artist is to develop the confidence and belief in myself and my abilities that I have been lacking for a long time. I wish to further enhance my skills to the level where I can be proud to call myself an artist. I feel that I have a lot of creativity in me that is waiting to be explored and unleashed.

Here is my blog site,...

I only recently have started a blog. It's pretty bare bones for now, but I'll be adding to it over time.

xenos said...

i'm diggin at how many great blogs this post has introduced me too. i just hope the comments keep coming...

jcous said...

Hey Stephen, just found you on linked in and came to your blog to see some of your work. I'm a character designer who grew up on classic Nicktoons like Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, which have permanently warped my visual aesthetic and sense of humor. I still watch cartoons regularly, not only to keep up with visual trends in the industry, but for my own amusement (Flapjack is a masterpiece). My aim in the industry is to repay the universe for all the mind melting entertainment it has given me over the years, letting my own set of characters and stories go to town on the unsuspecting audiences of the future and leave them forever changed (for the better, I suspect). As a beginning stage of this multi-tiered domination plan, I would quite like to design characters at a place like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. That would be a fine start.

My website is
My blog is

My other website is
and other blog is
KillerPOP is the brand I've developed which is home to all of my personal creative endeavors, including my original webcomic series

Jack Cusumano

Scott Sullivan said...

Very simple answer:

1. Create from within.
2. Earn a comfortable living.

And to help with this, blog often at:
http://digitalblacksmiths.comThanks for everything you do!

LLToon said...

Hello Mr. Silver.

I am LLToon. I am a self taught freelance toon artist. I've only began seriously drawing toons in late 2005, although I have been drawing various random things since I was 11 years old. I mainly draw pinups based on other toons.I don't take an official course in animation or illustration.
I like to draw toons looking well presented. I am looking to evoke aesthetic or emotional feelings rather than erotic stimulation. I'm going for titillation rather than explicit. I am only recently exploring making my own characters and developing my own style.

I am actually a medical student in the UK and I am on my final year. I find things difficult having to spread my time between treating patients and finding the energy and time to draw when I get back home. I suffer from depression on several occassions and drawing is one of the few ways that makes me feel better.

Steve Loter had seen my art in the past and I feel very privileged for someone of his talent and stature to grace my art and convey his thoughts on it back to me.

I would love for you to visit my humble gallery, but I am also a bit afraid because my site contains less-than-flattering artworks, in terms of it's nature, content and the general skill involves. I would hope to make an impression, even if brief on how your artwork has inspired me and how I had made it my own.

I will be honest that I don't plan to make animation or toon art into a serious career, and I have to be realistic about my medical career as a whole. But it doesn't mean that I do not love cartoons and animation any less than anyone else.

I'm probably wasting space on here because I am not really after a free book, but I just saw that you are offering to have a look at the galleries of people who post their art here. That alone is hugely rewarding enough for me. I know that there are many people who posts their comments on your blogs and I don't expect my comment to stick out from the crowd, but it's been a privilege to be posting here and have you read them.

I would type up an entire novel on why I love toons and why I enjoy watching various shows made by talented peoplem, from Tex Avery to Richard Williams. Unfortunately this blog won't allow for that much.

I am taking a huge risk posting my gallery here, because I fear ridicule and at worst, stigmatization for what I draw. However I take pride in my drawings, and I respect the toons I draw from in the highest way possible.

With much respect,

enigmawing said...

I've found the internet has become such a valuable tool for meeting other artists, gaining insight and inspiration, and finding an audience for your work. Had it not been for some of the great online communities I've stumbled upon, I probably wouldn't have become interested in drawing again these past few years.

More than anything, what's amazing to me is the opportunity to talk to some of my greatest inspirations that work in the animation business, as well as comic books and all kinds of illustrations. People like you that have worked on the material I've always enjoyed so much, felt a connection with, and have always wanted to make contributions to myself.

Now that I've managed to gain some experience as well as a bit of confidence, I'm hoping to do more than just earn a bit of extra money doing the things I absolutely love. I'm starting out slow, collaborating with other artists with some digital coloring, and I've also dabbled in commission work with my own art. I could certainly use some guidance as to where to go from here.

Anyway, I hope you'll take a moment to look at my gallery and consider me a candidate to receive the book. Thanks for your time and for sharing your wonderful art with the world. :)

- sean - said...

wow, there are so many great artists here!

well, i'm working on creating interactive webtoons that the reader actively can participate in. i'm using all the websites i can think of to keep people up to date on what i'm doing and attract a community of professionals and enthusiasts that enjoy my work, and are excited by the possibilties that working with me can provide. i'm always looking for more opportunities to work from home in my pajamas!



thanks stephen!


Andrew Manzanares said...
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Andrew Manzanares said...

Hi, Stephen. I hope i'm not late to comment on this.

Throughout my years as an Animation student in Sheridan College, I have been influenced by many artists and their hardwork, passion and dedication to their craft. I want to infuse those same values into my life and art so that I continue to grow better. My aim is to be a Character Designer and create memorable characters that bring laughter to whoever views them. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my peers in the industry and ultimately garner mutual respect for each others' craft. I believe that hard work, passion and perseverance are keys to success and I definitely continue to strive for all three.

My blog URL is

Thank you for the opportunity to have my voice heard. Cheers!

Unknown said...

You people are an inspiration to me and I admire and look up to every one of you!
I don't think I'll win, but I'm totally into this, and the number of links to quality artists this has generated!
--I don't have the privilege of getting to sketch all the time! I wish I did. I'm a PhD candidate in Nanoelectronics and sketching is the outlet that keeps me balanced/ sane after all of the math and journals!--
I am a researcher, and this is what we're missing! We need more creative solutions to the world's problems; without new ways to look at old ideas, we'll never have the "big ones" that change the world and help us to improve quality of life for us all!

Wile E. Wilster said...

Hey Stephen,

Just wanted to say firstly that this is an amazing way of networking and gaining a lot of knowledge and inspiration from fellow talented artists with similar passion for art!

As an inspiring animator, understanding how to capture the perfect silhouette and knowing the basic construct of the character is vital to tell the story of the character.

To be able to capture it within one drawing, that can tell the personality and characteristic of that particular character is an amazing achievement that I want to pursue and be skilled at.

Although I am still young and inexperienced, I have the passion and dedication to be an expert in my field. I love looking and studying other people's work and experience, to help me gain the knowledge I need to be broad and creativity with my own work. That is what I want to achieve.

My website:

My blog is

Best wishes to everyone,

Wilster out.

stephen Silver said...

Hi guys, This has been really great! thanks so much for taking the time to share your passion on this thread, I really enjoyed looking at everyone's site. I really didn't expect so many great responses. So, this wasn't a competition of who said the best thing or has the best work, it was to simply share and show your enthusiasm for art and a chance for other artists to see you work as we build a great artist network.
I had only but one choice, and that was simply to put all of your names in a bowl, and pull the winner. And I did. The funny thing is, it was the one guy that said I never win anything. Well congratulations Yash Gupta. You did it. This was so much fun, I am going to do this again,and the prize will be an original piece of my artwork.
Thanks alot everyone and I wish for you that all your dreams and visions become a reality, and they will as long as you believe they will. Yash, please send me your e-mail address to congrats!

Althea Aseoche said...

Wouldn't mind reading some more of these so I look forward to the next round! Congrats Yash!

aj said...

What I am trying to acheive in my art is the ancient ritual of story telling.

I've been researching both drawing and story for years now, and I think I've come across the secret of what makes the genre of adventure and mystery so exciting are in these two observations from Robert Louise Steveson.

Stevenson observed that the well spring of all Romance is in the ancient ritual of childhood called "hide and seek" (pursuit-capture and escape) This is what classic literary characters such as Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Jim Hawkins and Harry Potter are always doing in those storys as well as outwitting their adult counterparts when they leave their homestead.

Now when authors finally come across the germ of what makes their preffered genre work, they express it through words, but I prefer to express it through drawing and storyboards.

Or I think G.K. chesterton said it best when he said "The soul of a landscape is a story and the soul of a story is a personality" I think about this everytime I put pencil to paper, and may be more important than just thinking of anatomy alone.


Unknown said...

I was pointed to your site by a friend of mine over at the Penny Arcade forums. I've decided to write and draw a gaming comic, because I think I have a bit of a gift for telling a joke, and believe that constant deadlines will help me hone my cartooning abilities.

My goal mainly, is to be a cartoonist. Though, I could be called that by virtue of the fact that I write and draw a comic, but I want to have actual training, since I'm basically running on visual cues from other sources, rather than actual technique.

I've been told that I have some of your character design as inspiration, and I have to say I wasn't actually aware of how much influence you've had over a vast amount of guys I admire out there!

Anyway, ultimately the goal is to write and draw my comic professionally, and never miss a deadline.

Thanks for the advice, and when I'm able, I think I'm going to sign up for your class.

Dan Houser

My comic's website is

There's a link to the blog on the comic

Charlie said...

Hi, and thanks for the opportunity to share my dreams. On a side note before I get into my response, will you be at Heroes Con with this book?

I have been reading everyone else's responses, and I really do hope you all reach these dreams.

I have told my wife this very thing I am about to tell you. If money were no object, I could wake up and draw and paint all day every day until I give my last breath. My ONE goal for the past 2 years is to become a freelance illustrator. Not for the money, but for happiness. It took me 30 years to realize what I wanted to do with my life and that is a sad thing, but I can't dwell on the past, or the future, I can only control the present. You have to realize that you get one life. One. Why waste your days renting your mind to anything else?

It is unfortunate that money dictates how we spend each day of our one life. And the things we want most out of life should never adversely affect others or yourself. So I am practical that I have to pair money with my love for illustration so that my dream of being able to be a freelance illustrator will also allow me to also provide a comfortable life for my family.

So every day, the present, I draw in the morning before work, during my lunch break, and when I get home from my regular tech job. I keep a pocket sketchbook with me all the time like a butterfly net to not let those random ideas get away, I catch them in a small thumbnail in meetings, at my desk, etc.

I want to write a story with line art and color for myself and other people every day for the rest of my life.

Charlie said...

oops, forgot to include my blog above.

My blog is

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