Friday, October 14, 2005

Character Design Class at my studio

Thanks for all the intrest in the character design class. The January session is fiiled and it looks like the March session will be filled as well. I will continue to take names and address for future sessions, so please keep sending them if you are interested in taking the class. The third session will begin in June. Thank you for the great response. I look forward to having on going classes at my studio. It will be a lot of fun! Silver


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I'm gonna toss my wish at you to think about for the future. Howzabout publishing your lessons in some kind of book format for those of us who would love to take the course, but live nowhere near you? Perhaps after these first two sessions you'll have some student material, alongside your own work to demonstrate the design as well.

Later :)

Lar deSouza

stephen Silver said...

I just might do that. Thanks for the suggestion