Sunday, October 02, 2005

Character Design Class Begins In January

IF you want to get on the class list please e-mail me your address to get confirmation. I will be teaching only six every 8 weeks. If you don't get on the first one, I will put you on the second one. I am very excited about this and have a great class set up. For those of you that already sent me your address I will be sending out a mailer soon.



Anonymous said...

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Justin Rodrigues said...
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Mark McDonnell said...

Mr. Silver. Hey man. Amazing stuff as usual. Sorry I cannot take your class, sadly a missed opportunity.

I have started my own blog. I you have time check it out. There is a bit of a shout out to you as well.

You are so FUCKING amazing man. Thanks for inspiring me and giving me something to look forward to EVERY morning.

Gerald said...

Oh, I wish I could attend...only 6 spots available. Stephen, fabulous work as usual, you're a huge inspiration. Thanks for signing/doodling in your Art Book at the San Diego Con. I discover something new everytime I open that book.