Monday, November 22, 2010

The one and only Stan Goldeberg video is now available here
Stan is best known for his work with Archie Comics, which he has drawn across all titles for over four decades. He has been Archie's flagship artist for more than fifteen years. Stan will talk about his early career in the Golden and Silver Age of Comics, what helped him achieve his goals, and stories of how his career unfolded. You will learn about the mediums he uses, his techniques, and much more!


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Kristi O. said...

When I was younger, my sister joined a bowling team. This meant that every Saturday my Mother would drag me down to the bowling alley so my sister could bowl with her team (Apparently leaving me with a babysitter was out of the question).

So in order to pass the time, I'd bring with me a huge stack of Archie comics. I'd end up reading all of them within the first 30 minutes, and so I would ask my Mom for a pen, steal some napkins from the concession, and spend the rest of my time trying to redraw the covers of each of my Archie comics.

I didn't really think much of this, but now I can't help but think if I hadn't amused myself by trying to re-draw those Archie comics, maybe I wouldn't be drawing today. Drawing those Archie covers was one of the first times I remember adults complemented me on my drawing ability, I like to think that those comics were the spark that inspired me to draw. While my current drawing style doesn't really resemble those Archie Comic's anymore, I think I probably owe a lot to both Stan Goldeberg and Dan DeCarlo, if anything then at least for keeping me amused while my sister was bowling.

Edward said...

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