Monday, December 13, 2010

If you live locally and have nothing to do for a few hours, come on down to a real fun event. Van Eaton Galleries has just about every cool piece of vintage and current animation art you will find anywhere. There will be lots of art to look at. I will be there and will have a few original pieces, prints and books of mine there to. There are drinks and food and good times, It is an annual thing and there is always a great turn out. And best of all, it is FREE to attend.


Sascha said...

Hi there!

I have ordered the goonies print from your shop over a week ago, but until now, I neither got a confirmation nor something else that my order worked or that the item is dispatched whatsoever. Is everything alright with it?
The money is already been taken from my account and I just would like to know, whatever happened to it?

Let me know, please.

All the best from Berlin and

Sascha W├╝stefeld.

Sascha said...

Hi again! Do you read these comments at all? I still have not received or heard anything about this missing Goonies-print from you. Your Email-adress ( also doesn't seem to be functional and all I get are error messages sent by Mailer Deamon.
Sorry, mate... I really don't want to be the asshole here, Your prints are cool, but your shop sucks.

stephen Silver said...


I had sent you an e-mail and am sorry you never received it. your print had been sent. Writing on my blog is not the best way to communicate with me. Through my e-mail on my site is better. All my other e-mails are coming through. Again I apologize and have a merry christmas.

Little Rainbow Comics said...

I'd like to be there - I met Stephen waaay back in 2005 at the San Diego Comic Con...hope to make it...

lexus05 said...

like your work. Original