Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SHOW # 3

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This Artcast is about my philosophies on drawing in a sketchbook.
Thanks for listening
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Chet said...

Thanks Steven,

I havent thought of drawing in a bookstore before,but thats a great idea.Next time i visit boarders in bringing along some paper.

im glad you do this more than once a week!

Dave said...

Hey! Great Podcast! I really appreciate your insights and thoughts on your work. Look forward to the next one!


MILLET said...

hi stephen!

the first design class last night was extremely informative. i enjoyed looking at your portfolio slideshow--
eye candy galore :)))

looking to forward to the next few weeks!

Steve said...

Thanks for this last post Stephen really spoke to me =]

Lee said...

Great podcast. I'm a big fan of your work and your designs.

Could you talk about the difference for you switching from sketching and drawing in a sketchbook, to using a wacom tablet?

thanks so much.


PS. I also have a podcast, the ToonFuse podcast. toonfuse.com or go to iTunes podcast directory and download it for free.

Mr Goodson said...

This is awesome Stephen. I can't wait to listen to this.

Todd Oman said...

Very interesting stuff, keep it up.

Greyhawke said...

in your first cast you said it will be called "art cast" unless someone can come up with a better name. I wanted to recommend "Silvers Streams." Thanks for the inspiration.