Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Show # 5

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This Artcast is about Getting involved in the art community and joining cartooning organizations.
Thanks for listening
Please leave any suggestions you have for future topics.


Kenny Durkin said...

Thanks for mentioning the NCN Steve. I've been a member for 5 years and it has improved my artwork and confidence immensely. I highly recommend joining to anyone needing a booster shot of inspiration. See you at the convention!

the clownninja said...

hey thanks for doing the podcast thing. i'd love it if more people taught through podcasts,its such a good way to get education when i'm working on anything tedious. I'm always really interested in the evolution over time of the thought process that takes place while people are drawing. what's going on in your head while you're drawing, why? how did you use to think about it? that sort of thing. Especially regarding capturing likenesses. thanks again.

Carsten G. Nielsen said...

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for doing a podcast in the first place.
I check out your blog a couple of times each week to see your sketches 'n stuff wich inspire me to draw.

The podcasts are a great way of shareing your thoughts on drawing!
Please keep it up, even if you cannot do it every week.

Best regards

Mr Bill said...


Great feature, and message. We've met at both the NCN con and the Reubens. You're one of my heroes. I repeat your mantra about draw draw draw in my classes.

Lee-Roy said...

I haven't been here for a little while and didn't realize you'd started doing this artcast thing. Pretty cool. I look forward to giving a listen. I just found it on iTunes and have subscribed.

Lee-Roy said...

These are great! Thanks for doing them.

I also just want to note for anyone interested, that the ncn's web site is located at:

Garrett Shikuma said...

Hi Steve,
I love your new podcasts. They're great to listen to while Im drawing or playing it while im working on the computer. Great stuff and incredibly inspiring. Can't wait for the next one...


Tom said...

Hey, buddy... how about an artcast about making soup?

.... I love soup.

Jack Ruttan said...

Thanks for the podcasts. Listened to them all this evening. Very enlightening!